Thursday, January 8, 2009

Holidays and other such things...

Well, It's been Christmas, and New Year, and I'm trying to shake off the drowsiness that comes with my yearly hibernation of productivity every December. Not that I'm the busiest person normally, but December is always just really really lazy for me. Now that it's well and truly Januraray, I have to prove I have actually been getting cracking!

I actually made some new years resolutions this year, and one of is to make something cool every day.

New Years BunnyEspecially with crumpets...CalligraphyPaint-o-graph

See? I've been working on it.

My Aunt and Uncle gave me this mini-calendar for christmas, and although pictures of sleeping kittens are very cute, I thought I could make it more interesting. I think I succeeded. I think.


Anyway, I'll be back around here a bit more often now that I've managed to unsluggish myself. Yay!