Monday, October 27, 2008

Well, you know me...

That's right, I've been busy again. No surprise there. But, instead of apologising, why don't I just show you what I've been up to instead? Will that make you feel better?


Page 2- Fibre

Page 3- Life Drawing

Page 4- Photography

Page 5- 3D Studies

Page 6- Design

Page 7- Drawing A

Page 8- Drawing B

Well, that was rather long, wasn't it? Oops. Oh well. Anywho, what you just scrolled past in order to be reading this is my "portfolio" of work done at course so far this year. Because it was one of our assignments to make said portfolio, I thought I'd do something a little eclectic- since I'm sure I'll be returning there to study next semester. If you know me, this is a big deal. I'm sure you're thinking something along these lines: Whaaat? Kim's making a decision about her study? WTF? There is no way that this is her typing that. IMPOSTOR!!!

But really, it's me. If you want proof, I sound like a primary school teacher when persuaded to read out articles from Cosmo's sealed section, my mother loves her dogs more than she loves me, I'm procrastinating about approx 26.333(recurring) things at the current point in time, and I dance like a whorish albino black chick. Definitely Kimby. So what's with the whole sudden-ability-to-make-a-decision-thing?

I'll let you know when I do.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's my birthday...

That's right, this is a quick post at 2am on the morning of my 19th birthday. Instead of getting drunk like a normal person, I've just changed my blog's colours and background. Good times, right?

Actually, I had been out visiting people, so I guess it's not as sad as it sounds... Hahaha. I should have a busy day ahead of me, even though I'm not having my party today. I'll throw one later, probably after the uni exams are over... You better get ready, guys!

Current Happy Birthday Tally*: 4

Right... I'm going to bed. Please let me know if there's anything that isn't working, and I shall return in the evening with an update on how my day went, and perhaps some photos, if I can.

*not including via text

Monday, October 6, 2008

Ruby, don't take your love to town.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with listening to Kenny Rogers. Honestly. Or else, I wouldn't have chosen this song:

Ruby, dont take your love to town - Kenny Rogers

As the inspiration behind my second photography brief. No way. I just really happen to like this song. And there's nothing wrong with that, is there? Right?

Ok. Moving right along. I just happened to have the perfect location in mind, for this song. And the perfect props. And the perfect model. So, even though I have very little clue as how to use a DSLR, my photos still turned out pretty well, thanks to everything else being so perfect.

Two Dresses



Ruby Slippers


Now, I'd like to thank some people for their contributions to making these photos look good. You guys deserve an award or something.

  • Thankyou Almost Perfectly Abandoned Shed for being unlocked, spooky, and almost perfectly abandoned.
  • Thankyou, Mr Farmer, for saying it was fine after I decided to break into your almost perfectly abandoned shed, and letting me come back anytime.
  • Thankyou, Grandma's wedding dress, for happily being dragged through dirt, dust, and rusted bedsprings without a word of complaint.
  • Thankyou Chuck for being my lovely model at such short notice, being very patient with my rubbish camera skills, and for your excellent serious face... when you weren't laughing at me.
  • Thankyou, inventors of Photoshop, for reasons previously explained in this post.
I would NOT like to thank my spawn-of-the-devil-ish tripod for deciding to somehow loosen itself between every single shot.

I'm sure Kenny Rogers would be ashamed of you.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Holidays are never as long as they should be.

Especially when you only have one week of them. I still have a fair chunk of coursework I really should do before I go back, too. But instead, I've been trawling the interwebs and drawing strange things... which is, admittedly, what I do every holiday. I even started a new sketchbook!

Sketchbook Cover again!

I was rather inspired by Tristan Manco's Street Sketchbook, a look inside the sketchbooks of a whole bunch of contemporary street artists, designers and other interesting folk who make things that are so visually inspiring things that they excite me enough to want describe them all in such depth that you'll get bored and wander off... so I will restrain myself.


Anywho, be expecting a longer post on Monday* when I go back to course, and can get a hold of my photos from my final brief for you to see. Come prepared for Kenny Rodgers.

*Provided that I don't explode from lack of describing.