Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I've got superpowers (Shhh, it's a secret!)

Just a little class project, where we had to transform ourselves and a classmate picked at random, into a superhero/sidekick team. Being unoriginal, I gave myself drawing powers. I was considering the power of Ctrl+Z, for a little while, but then decided that would be even geekier than drawing powers. So, here's the result:


Complete with jumpsuit and a ridiculous number of pockets. Sketchgirl was the result of my character accidentally locking herself in a magical storeroom on the fine arts floor of college. Finally, after 3 days of entrapment, she was freed by a friend... but not without the strange ability to make anything she drew come to life.

The Sellotape Kid

The friend that helped her escape the cursed cupboard, couldn't get away without the infliction of a few superpowers either, and so became The Sellotape Kid. Not only can she beat up the bad guys using nothing but Sellotape and karate moves, she can also find that elusive end of the clear tape, first time, every time. Cool, huh?

Well, I better be off to save the world, in some form of artistic adventure or another! Until next time!

Please be aware that I accept no responsibility for person(s) attempting to accidentally lock themselves in a cupboard in order to gain superpowers. Especially if you're trying for the sellotape one. I want that one, darn it!

*slams cupboard door*

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pour a little sugar on it, honey

We've just finished an assignment in class for Chelsea Sugar- designing a mock set of ads for the NZ Womens Weekly. So, I went down the Kiwiana route... since everyone in NZ knows what Chelsea sugar looks like, I decided to have some fun. Although, I swear the pink wasn't quite so bright before I uploaded it. Sorry if your eyes are burning.

Chelsea Sugar Advertisment

But, in more important news, I got new boots! I've been desperately needing some new boots for the days where it's so cold that you absolutely have to wear a pair of socks or two, unless you want to freeze your toes off. And because I value what little sense of balance I have without losing the added stability my toes provide for me, I went on a mission.

Boots. New ones.

And returned with these. I love a successful shopping mission. I imagine it's similar to the thrill of killing a bison in order to provide for your starving family, except without the blood and guts. And, they're so stable, I probably could hunt a bison in them if I really wanted to. Perfect!

Another thing I find absolutley amazing is the built in iSight camera in my Macbook. It's just so handy for the times you can't be bothered setting up a real camera that actually takes decent photos. Which, if you're like me, is fairly often.

Unfortunately, these two loves of mine don't get along so well. The above photo merely proves that I should take a little pride both in my photography and in myself. But for now, I'm just going to go with sticking my legs in the air and hoping that my parents don't walk in on me trying to photograph my legs with my computer. That could be a fun one to explain.

Hmmm. Next time, I'll get the camera out.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Well, I have been a little sick lately. But, I'm feeling better now, and not as stressed as I was before.


And now that my macbook is up and running, the world is right again.