Friday, October 3, 2008

Holidays are never as long as they should be.

Especially when you only have one week of them. I still have a fair chunk of coursework I really should do before I go back, too. But instead, I've been trawling the interwebs and drawing strange things... which is, admittedly, what I do every holiday. I even started a new sketchbook!

Sketchbook Cover again!

I was rather inspired by Tristan Manco's Street Sketchbook, a look inside the sketchbooks of a whole bunch of contemporary street artists, designers and other interesting folk who make things that are so visually inspiring things that they excite me enough to want describe them all in such depth that you'll get bored and wander off... so I will restrain myself.


Anywho, be expecting a longer post on Monday* when I go back to course, and can get a hold of my photos from my final brief for you to see. Come prepared for Kenny Rodgers.

*Provided that I don't explode from lack of describing.

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