Friday, August 7, 2009

Sneak peekery

I have a sort of big presentation for my double graphic design assignment on Monday... but in the meantime, I'll hand out a sneak preview of what I've been up to as of late...

The brief was to team up with the interior designers at course to design a logo and other fun things for a second year fashion students from downstairs. Confusing stuff. But more on that later. Why don't you just look at the pretty pictures while I collapse in a twitching heap of caffeine and misprinted paper?

I think this might be the final logo. What do you think? on Twitpic
^ Logo design

Kerrie is a little on the gothic fantasy side of fashion, but her stuff is pretty cool. I figured I might as well go a little more mainstream accessible... hence, you get a logo with eyes growing out of it. She was also interested in mens fashion, so I went for a more unisex logo... I think. Maybe. I tried.

Currently working on: scary tree lady. on Twitpic

This was a screenshot from the poster as I was working on it. Note that it is zoomed out to 16.7%... I'm surprised I'm able to type at all! There were a lot of branches in the end, I'm so happy with the way it turned out!. But that is for another day when I have regained my ability to control my eyelids.

Seriously. It's 8pm and I'm gonna crash. Goodnight, and see you!

EDIT: Apparently, I was too tired to link to the photos properly, and so this post was actually about nothing for a while. Kimbyfail. Sorry about that, guys.

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