Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Shoes, glorious shoes!

Yesterday, I bought 8 pairs of shoes. Yes, that's right. EIGHT pairs.

3 pairs were from various opportunity shops or thrift stores. They'll be used for my fibre art project.
Too many shoes 3

2 pairs were brand new shoes I'm intending on customising. They're just for practice really, so I got one rubbishy canvas pair, and one leather old lady pair. Pure shexyness.
Too many shoes 1

3 pairs of brand spanking newness were for me. Because I like shoes. And they were cheap. Number One Shoe Warehouse has awesome two for one clearance sales.
Too many shoes 2

The best part of this is that I spent under $50. And that's NZD.
Plus, there's a cookie in it for you if you can guess both the cheapest and most expensive pairs!

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