Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Custom Kicks! With bonus Vans Tutorial

I have been wanting to do this for AGES. Absolutely ages. And I finally had an excuse, thanks to MAKI, who ran a contest to win their new book.

Do you want to know how I made them? Really? You sure? It's top secret stuff... Ok then, here's a little tutorial for you!

Step 1. Draw monsters on paper to see how they look.
Monster smush!
Step 2. Draw monsters on shoes with pencil. Begin painting with fabric paint.
Step 1
Step 3. Paint more.
Step 2, 2
Step 4. And more. Don't give up.
Step 3
Step 5. Outline monsters with fabric marker.
Vans and Fabric paint
Step 6. Set paint with hairdryer.
Step 7. Wear.

I have a bit of a thing with monsters at the moment. I'm going to wear these lots in the future. Vans are so comfy, too! :)

I also have pictures from my final Fibre Art display, and my latest life drawing class, which I'll put up soon. Yay for shoes!


Keasty said...

They are soooo cool! Have you ever considered branching into macaroni art? Also, what is definition of fibre art? Also, when I have a house, you may artify it.

Goldendust said...

My dear Keasty... you know you are the queen of macaroni art, so there's no point in me even trying! Haha. Fibre art is pretty much using textiles to create art, but we specifically had to use recycled materials.

Are you sure you want to let my art loose in your house? It might do strange things when you aren't looking.