Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Whimsical vs Eclectic

That's right, it's the battle of the century (assuming the century started today and exculdes people wearing spandex or carrying guns). Class requires that we make an ink drawing rating our various character traits.

Impossibly floaty stuff: The sequel.

They were (in no particular order): Whimsical, Talkative, Artistic, Unorganised, Eclectic, Selfconcious, and Imaginative. So, which one does this image have more of? Whimsy or Eclecticness? I'd appreciate your comments ;)

That Beep - Architecture in Helsinki
Also, if you were wondering how I come up with such things as monsters playing in my hair, and words coming out of a tea-cup, it might help if you listen to this while you look at it. I really do love this song!

Now that my first assignment is done and dusted, I have to make a list of ten random emotive words, and I don't know why- Our tutor didn't say. This could be interesting...

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